Day 300: Birthday Boy

Day 300: Elliott is excited for his birthday!

Elliott celebrated his 2nd birthday Tuesday. This past Saturday several of his old classmates joined us for his party at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science Elliott loved the party! After pizza and cupcakes in one of the party rooms the kids spent several hours in the children's museum and exploring the exhibits. Elliott continues to have a great time at every opportunity he has to be around other kids. I literally had to pull him away when it was time go. At the beginning of the year we were not even sure he would be able to have a party. Seeing him have so much fun playing with other children was a great reminder of how far he has come.

Elliott continues to do well with the maintenance phase of chemotherapy. Like before, he moved a little more slowly and wanted to be held a little more for a week or so after this most recent clinic visit, but he bounced back and has been laughing and playing since. It has been a busy month for Elliott.  He helped us celebrate Kyllan's birthday and Mother's Day. Now that he can get out of the house, his nanny has been taking him to various activities during the day. Playgrounds and the library have become frequent stops. He even went to a former classmates birthday party.

Elliott returns to the oncology clinic next week for more chemotherapy. This will be his 3rd visit since starting maintenance.


Day 297: Family photo at Elliott's birthday party

Day 289: Kyllan reads a Mother's Day card from Laurel and Elliott

Day 185: Elliott watches as Laurel dances to birthday music