Day 322: Out and About

Day 332: Elliott is all smiles at the dinner table

Elliott continues to do well. Now that he is in the maintenance phase of chemotherapy he receives low doses of most of his medication at home and only has to visit the oncology clinic once a month. Like his previous visit, what few issues he had with chemo only lasted a few days. He is two weeks out from his most recent visit, so this week he has been doing great!

Kyllan and I have been adjusting to the new routine. It actually feels a little weird to only go to the clinic once a month. All the clinic and hospital visits had become part of our daily schedule. Now I keep feeling like I am forgetting an appointment. When we take Elliott out I have to remind myself that it's okay for him to interact with other kids and that I don't need to pounce on him when he gets close to someone. If I don't watch it, I tend to find myself hovering over him at playgrounds. Kyllan is doing  a much better job than I am at just standing back and letting Elliott enjoy being a normal little boy.

Day 305: Elliott's first trip to the zoo in over a year. He was amazed to see all the animals from his books at home.

We now have family memberships to the Dallas Zoo and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. We only made it to the zoo once before all the rain started in Dallas, but now that it has ended, hopefully, we can get back there. Both the kids love the indoor play area at the Perot Museum. It has become our go to spot when it has been too hot or too rainy outside and we want to get them out of the house.

Also, Elliott has big news! He returns to daycare on July 6th. Laurel is so excited and telling everyone that "my baby is going to go to school with me!" Throughout chemo she was told that Elliott would return to school once he started feeling better, so this is a big indicator to her (and us) that he is in fact getting better. When the topic comes up she usually cheers and runs a lap around the house.

Thank you everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers. Elliott continues to grow stronger everyday.