Day 277: Getting into the Swing of Things

Elliott has been doing great the past two weeks. He is full of energy and more engaged then we have ever seen him.  He absolutely loves getting out and interacting with people. Any concerns that he would be shy and timid are gone. I think he may actually be an extravert. He is running faster, trying to talk more, and playing until completely exhausted. His appetite is starting to pick up and he started to grow some hair back. (This time it is black, and not blonde like it was after Christmas.)

Day 268: Elliott playing with other children at a birthday party

The weekend before last Elliott attended a birthday party. It was his first since his sister's party for her 3rd birthday last July, just days before he was diagnosed. Even more gratifying, the party was for the son of close friends who recently moved to the area. Elliott was too sick to play with other children when the possibility of them moving to the area initially came up around a year ago. When they came to town to do some house hunting we had to keep the children separated when they stopped by for a visit. For so long Laurel has been Elliott's only friend. It will be rewarding to watch him form some new friendships of his own.

Today, Tuesday, Elliott returns to the clinic for a long day of chemotherapy. This is part of the maintenance phase. We hope to see him quickly bounce back.