Day 25: Soaring through the induction phase

It's hard to believe we are already 25 days into treatment and just days away from the end of induction.  Elliott continues to respond well and appears to be picking up energy as the days go by. 

Laurel enjoying a play date

Meanwhile, life goes on in the Cody household.  Laurel starts preschool next week and starts wearing a uniform, ("unicorn" as she calls it), to school next week.  She seems excited about her unicorn.  :-)   Her vocabulary and language skills seem to expand daily and her imagination is very vivid, so she is beginning to enjoy pretend play more and begin entertaining herself more often than she was a few weeks ago.  She has been enjoying more play dates with friends, which is helping to keep her occupied and not notice our lifestyle change as much. 

William is busy trying to wrap up his summer research projects and get prepared for the fall semester which is rapidly approaching.  I am also trying to stay caught up with work and simultaneously with housework as well.  Both of us have been pretty exhausted lately, but the support from family and friends has been great.