Day 26: Bye Bye Curly Locks

Day 26: Still has a lot of hair, but it's definitely falling out. 

One of my favorite traits about Elliott is his super curly hair.  He has had a head full of hair since he was born, although it was actually bone straight at birth.  However, that is all about to change now that he is experiencing one of the evil side effects of chemotherapy loss.  He has so much hair, that it was a bit hard in the beginning to notice that he was losing any.  However, the hair loss is becoming much more pronounced now.  Each morning when he wakes up, there are curly locks of hair all over his crib, and we find ourselves constantly picking up hair shed on his clothing.  It is certainly catching him off guard at times too.  He would frequently twirl his tiny fingers in his hair and still does, so he often pulls out several strands of hair.  He then holds it out in his hand and looks at us as if to say, "look... my hair, why is it coming out?"  Each time he does it, I tell him, no big deal, it will grow back. 

Hat Collection

I feel confident that it will grow back quickly once the chemo treatments end, but I have to admit that it was one of my favorite things about Elliott.  I felt his hair gave him so much personality.  Everyone always commented on how much hair he had and we even had the occasional, "oh what a cute little girl" comment because they saw all the hair and assumed he must be a girl.  William had been threatening to cut it for a while before his diagnosis, but I kept brushing him off.  I am glad I did because I got to enjoy his hair a while longer. 

Now we are gathering a collection of hats for him.  He looked a bit silly before with his curly fro sticking out all sides, but now it will be much more tame.  A few friends and family members sent Elliott hats, and William has enjoyed adding hats for his two favorite teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Florida State Seminoles.  I guess I need to get him a Dallas Cowboys hat.  William will say I am a fair weather fan, and while it's true I don't follow them as intensely as I did in high school, I am still a fan. 

Ready for the Jaguar season.  (please let it be better than the last one)