Day 24: Crawl before you can walk

A few minutes later Elliott broke the remote. It was wroth it to see him actually interested in playing with something.

Elliott had chemo this past Friday and has been a little cranky and irritable all weekend. His energy level has dropped, again, but his appetite continues to increase. He has actually gained a few pounds, but still weighs less than when he was first admitted to the hospital almost a month ago. His cell counts continue to look good, which is encouraging heading into the bone marrow analysis scheduled for this coming Friday.

While speaking with the physician on Friday I mentioned that I have only seen Elliott stand under his own power once since his diagnosis. That first day they told us a lot of his milestones would be delayed during treatment, but that he would catch up afterwards. Elliott appeared to be just days away from walking before developing what we now know where complications from the leukemia, but has shown little interest in any mobility since. In fact, other than his playdate with Laurel in the hospital a few weeks ago I haven't seen him crawl more than 1 foot. It is hard to tell if it is his low energy level or if the vincristine is causing him some bone pain. It may also be that a few unnamed people are having a little too much trouble putting him down. This week we are going to try to encourage him to crawl a little bit more.