Day 21: Mommy's Home!

I can't tell who is more happy to see who

Kyllan returned from her business trip Thursday afternoon. Elliott's face lit up as soon as he saw her come through the door. Going on the trip as planned was a good decision. Elliott's stay in the hospital on Monday went just as planned. He was in and out in less than 18 hours with no complications. I had a rougher night than he did. Even so, I cannot imagine how hard not being here was for Kyllan. She dropped her bags as soon as she saw Elliott and did not put him down until his bedtime.

Elliott's constipation issue appears to be completely resolved. He has not had many side effects from the chemo, but now that we know this is a concern the physicians have a new plan to prevent the problem in the future. Also, Kyllan and I have both agreed to follow some early advice we received, and ignored, and pack emergency overnight bags for our cars. This way we will be prepared for unplanned trips to the hospital. 

Thursday was a great day for Elliott. Kyllan, who missed two good days while out of town, even remarked that he was the happiest she had seen him since he was diagnosed. His appetite has really picked up and he is eating more and more each day. We are finally starting to see some of the infamous cravings caused by prednisone. His energy level was much higher today than it has been these past few weeks. His activity slowly tapered off today, versus the sudden drop off he has shown in the past. Elliott is scheduled for another chemotherapy infusion on Friday morning. Like last time this will be an outpatient procedure. We may get another day or two our happy and playful Elliott before he starts feeling crumby again. We have another week before the bone marrow analysis tells us how successful the chemotherapy has been.