Day 19: Back Home

I knew he would like the swing once he started feeling better.

Tuesday Morning started out rough, but ended on a high note.

Elliott was discharged from the hospital and we were back home by noon. After lunch and a nap his energy level picked up. He crawled around a bit, played with some toys, and gave lots of big smiles. When big sister Laurel came home from daycare and went outside to play on the swing set he wanted to go too! He tired himself out quickly, but for a few moments he seemed to really enjoy himself. It may have started in a hospital, but today was one of his best days since starting chemo! I hope to see him gain a little bit more energy as he gets further and further from his last chemo treatment. This would give him two more really good days before the next chemo treatment wears him out again. It is really encouraging to see a little peek of the of the old Elliott and to know that there still is a happy little boy in there somewhere.

Laurel loved that Elliott joined her outside.