Day 61: Another Quiet Week

Day 58: Elliott enjoying watching a football game with daddy.

Elliott had his only chemotherapy treatment for the week yesterday. The treatment included vincristine, which is the drug that has given him the most issues. It was just the one dose and it may take a few days for us to determine if he is suffering from any side effects. Vincristine is known to cause bone pain, and we believe this was one of the factors that has delayed his walking. It was also the cause of the constipation that resulted in an overnight hospital visit.  One of the more difficult things about Elliott's diagnosis is that he is too young to tell us how he is feeling. We will continue to monitor his mood and behavior this week as we try to figure out if he is in any discomfort.

As of now, Elliott is in great spirits. Though his neutrophils levels have dropped pretty low, which was expected, he still remains energetic and cheerful. He and Laurel have been playing together a lot, to the point that she is no getting a little protective of her toys. She has repeatedly tried to explain to him which toys are girl toys and which toys are boy toys. The problem is that she has declared every toy in the house a girl toy. Laurel may have finely succeed in teaching Elliott how to tickle her. He has been trying it more and more, though Laurel's sudden laughter seems to startle him.

Starting Monday we are back to four treatments a week for the next two weeks.

Day 58: Big smiles all day long