Day 52: A Brief Respite

Day 39: The start of the consolidation phase of his chemotherapy

Day 51: Hair loss since the beginning of consolidation

Elliott had chemotherapy 4 days each week for the past two weeks. Logistically this was a challenge. While Kyllan and I are exhausted, Elliott is a tough kid and seems to have handled it pretty well. Though he has several months of this ongoing phase of chemo ahead of him, he has already had each drug at least once and is showing few negative side effects. Like many chemo drugs, one of his current medicines causes hair loss. He has lost quite a bit during this phase and it is likely getting close to the day I cut what remains off. Don't worry, he is just as cute as ever, and if loss of hair is the worst side effect he experiences we will consider ourselves very fortunate.

We were very concerned that the frequency of treatments these past two weeks would leave him tired and weak. Instead, he continues to regain the strength he lost during the induction phase. He is now climbing the stairs multiple times a day by himself. Recently, he has been doing a lot of pulling up and cruising around furniture. He has even started to push around the his old activity walker. Next, we are waiting for him to start standing up on his power without pulling up on something.

Laurel has really enjoyed playing with Elliott now that his strength is beginning to return.  This includes getting him to crawl/chase after her and elaborate games of playing peek-a-boo. She loves that he laughs uncontrollably when she tickles him. She has even tried to show him how to tickle her, but no luck with that, yet.

This week Elliott has just 1 chemo treatment! We are hoping for a quick appointment and a quiet, boring week. Quiet, boring weeks are severely under rated.

Day 52: A little family time