Day 10 of Treatment- Elliott loves selfies

Sunday was Elliott's 12th day in the hospital and 10th day of treatment and things are going very well.  We are on track to go home on Tuesday.  Tomorrow, Monday, Elliott will have surgery bright and early in the morning to get his Medi-port and remove his central line.  They will keep him on more day to observe him and then we should be discharged on Tuesday.  William and I are thrilled at the idea of having everyone back under the same roof again. 

Day 10: "selfie"

Today, Elliott was fairly quiet and enjoyed more napping and cuddling with his grandparents.  Laurel also enjoyed some quality time with William's mom, aka, Bebe.  I was able to sneak home again today to get a decent shower and have a quick lunch with Laurel and Bebe. 

So now it's time for me to grab some sleep so I can be rested for an early start tomorrow.  Elliott is fortunately asleep in the crib and getting a platelet infusion in preparation for tomorrow.  His platelet count wasn't terribly low, but low enough that the oncologist wanted to make sure his levels were higher heading into surgery.  The platelets are the blood cells that help with clotting.  He will have his usual 4am lab draw, and not to long after that, it will be timed to get prepped.

Thanks for the continued prayers and support!!  I included a "selfie" Elliott and I took this afternoon. Not a great photo, but a great smile :-)