Day 9 of Treatment- Lazy Saturday

Saturday was Day 9 of treatment and since it's the weekend, things were quiet, which is great.  Elliott is doing well and doesn't seem to be having any major side effects from the chemo, so hopefully it stays that way.  

William's parents stayed with Elliott this afternoon, which allowed me to run some errands and go home for a little bit to get a break from the hospital.  I was able to get some laundry done, check mail, find a shoebox for Laurel's project at school next week, rearrange some things in Elliott's room, and change out his sheets and changing pad cover so everything is fresh and ready to go when he comes home.  I relaxed for a little while also, but William can tell you that it is hard to get me to sit still.  

My sister took Laurel for the afternoon, so Laurel got a chance to hang out with her cousins.  I know she enjoyed that. 

Day 9: Napping with Bebe


William's parents say Elliott was quiet all afternoon, so I think he enjoyed getting to be lazy and less activity, not to mention a nap on Bebe.  Right now he is napping in my arms while I type this post on the squarespace blog app on my phone.  I have tried to put him down twice and he cried both times and he's been through too much this week for me to feel comfortable letting him cry it out.  Perhaps the third attempt will be a charm?