Day 132: Thanksgiving and Round 3

This year the Codys were thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving at home. For a few weeks there was a question on rather Elliott would be in the hospital for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Fortunately everything worked out so that Thanksgiving fell between chemotherapy hospitalization #2 and #3 and we finish #4 just before Christmas.

Day 126: My mother gets Elliott ready for Thanksgiving dinner

My parents were in town. Unfortunately Kyllan's parents were unable to join due to an illness in the family. Kyllan's mother did, however, prepare some food for us. The long weekend was a good opportunity for us to catchup on some much needed rest.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we head to the hospital for the 3 round of this phase of chemo. Like before, we anticipate being in the hospital for 4 days. Elliott responded much better to round 2 than he did round 1. He had significantly less nausea and seemed to be his usual cheery self more often than not. Hopefully he does well this round too.

Day 126: Sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner