Day 122: Two Rounds of High Dose Chemo Down

Day 119: According to Laurel, she is his best friend.  He certainly looks happy to see his best friend

Sunday marked day 122 of treatment for Elliott and he continues to do well.  He was admitted this past Thursday for the second of four hospitalizations to receive a high dose of methotrextate.  We were able to come home this morning and unlike last Sunday when Elliott experienced nausea and vomiting, he has not experienced any side effects so far. Hopefully he will feel good this week heading into Thanksgiving.  The hospitalization, again, went pretty smooth.  Laurel came to visit the first night and Elliott was glad to see her.  William's mom, Bebe, was in town this weekend as well, so Laurel had a chance to play dress up and get the 1:1 time she enjoys so much. 

The only hiccup was Saturday night when his the needle the was connected to his port somehow became dislodged and caused fluid to infiltrate into the tissue in his abdomen.  Fortunately it was only saline solution, so his body will reabsorb most of it and the swelling will continue to go down.  The downside of the needle dislodging was they had to reaccess his port with a new needle. There really wasn't time to numb his skin like we usually do, so I was a bit nervous he was going to feel the needle, but I think he was more upset about being held down to keep him still more so than feeling the stick from the needle.  Once it was re-secured, he immediately calmed down and went right to sleep.  I think that was enough excitement for him for one day, not to mention the excitement back at home with the 3.3 magnitude earthquake that had William thinking Laurel was doing some major acrobatics in her bedroom.   We had another 2.5 magnitude earthquake today that William and I both heard (not necessarily felt), but we thought it was the movie Laurel and his mom were watching :-) Crazy! 

Since the weather was nice today, he got to go outside on the swing set and on a stroller ride with Laurel and Bebe, so it was a great way to end the weekend. 

He will go back two more times for methotrexate before Christmas, but until then we hope he will be in the mood for some turkey and ham this week.  We certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year!!

Day 119: Such a happy boy.  This is what I get, when I say "smile Elliott!".