Day 12 of Treatment: Homecoming

At home playing with big sister

After nearly two weeks in the hospital Elliott is now back home!

All things considering, it was actually a pretty quite day. After receiving Tylenol for some discomfit Elliott slept through the rest of the night without incident. Kyllan stayed with Laurel last night and,  in anticipation of rounds, arrived at the hospital pretty early. Elliott napped through the morning.

All played out

During morning rounds the physician told us that Elliott looked great and would be discharged as soon as the paper work was complete.  While that was being done we took a quick tour of the oncology center where Elliott will receive his chemotherapy and the pharmacy where we will pickup his oral medications. When we got back it was time to pack up! For twelve days the hospital was our home. We slept there. We ate there. We experienced some emotional highs and lows. We formed memories that will last a lifetime. And when it was time to go, we didn't bat an eye. We said goodbye to the nurses on duty, including two of Elliott's favorites, and hit the door.

Once home Elliott cuddled with mommy for most of the afternoon. Laurel was very excited to see her little brother when she got home from daycare and immediately set of to find some toys to play with. They literally played until Elliott laid down and fell asleep right there on the mat. He completely wore himself out. Clearly we did not have any trouble getting him down for bed tonight and it does not appear he is experiencing any discomfort.

Several people have asked about ways they can help during Elliott's recovery, so I added a section to the links at the top of the page.