5 years in Remission and Officially Cancer Free!!

Today, August 25, 2019 marks 5 years in remission from leukemia for Elliott! It also means he is officially cancer free and his change for recurrence goes down to less than 5%, which is a HUGE milestone. To honor this milestone, Elliott will be honored as the 2019 Light the Night Honored Hero in Dallas on October 26, 2019. We will have an opportunity to share Elliott’s story and join LLS in the fight to wipe out blood cancers. We are so excited about reaching this milestone and I am so happy with Elliott’s progress, his fight, his bravery, and the amazing superhero that he is. William and I have chosen to donate $500 in honor of Elliott’s 5 years in remission and are raising money for LLS. If you would like to donate, please click here.

Elliott is doing remarkably well and just started 1st grade last week! He seems to have really enjoyed it and it’s great to see him thriving.

Thanks to everyone who has followed or is following his progress!

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