Day 699: Summer Time

Day 698: Elliott models his new hair cut while at chemo.

Elliott had his monthly visit to the oncology clinic yesterday. He continues to do well during the maintenance phase of chemotherapy.

It has been a busy past two months at the Cody house; Kyllan's birthday, Mother's day, UD graduation, Elliott's birthday, Laurel's pre-K graduation, Laurel's 1st ballet recital, Memorial Day, and Father's day, on top of our already incredibly busy regular schedule. Every weekend we've been ripping and running, and Elliott has not missed a beat. Last summer he had just received permission to be around other children and still did not have much energy. While we managed to have a lot of fun, we were very particular and extremely cautious when taking him out. This summer he is enjoying being a regular little boy and doing (almost) any and everything. He is full of energy and everyday he ask about riding his balance bike, going to the park, and the next time we can go to the science museum. I think it is going to be a fun summer. More importantly, I think he thinks it is going to be a fun summer.

In other news, Elliott finally received haircut #2. His hair was still falling out until recently, but the loss was slow enough that the new growth was keeping up and it always looked about the same length. At age 3, he just now had enough growth to need another haircut. These curls weren't as hard fought to come by as the ones during intensive chemo, so Kyllan let me get more cut off this time. She claims he is almost unrecognizable without the curly afro. To me he just looks like a big boy version of Elliott.

Thank you to everyone that has and continues to pray for Elliott. This was the second visit in a row that Elliott's doctor mentioned how close he is to completing treatment. Yes, November 2017 is considered close when you look at the number of treatments between then and now, vs how many treatments he has had so far. I remember early on in treatment when asking about the next month was considered getting ahead of ourselves and were encouraged to focus on getting through the month we were in. Elliott has come a long way.

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