Day 395: Kyllan Blog

Day 389: Elliott plays a game on an ipad while receiving chemotherapy.

Kyllan had neurosurgery this past month to remove a cavernous angioma. We have known about the cavernous angioma for nearly a decade, but earlier this year it caused her to have several seizures. She planned the surgery several months ago, knowing that she would would feel much better about Elliott's treatment once he past the one year mark and could better focus on her own.

Prednisone has been known to increase appetites and crankiness

I am relieved to say that she has made an amazing recovery. Within 24 hours she was walking around the hospital and stopped taking her pain medication. Within 48 hours she was climbing stairs. She was discharged after 3 days and attended Laurel's 4th birthday party after 7 days. Last week she returned to work. It has simply been amazing watching her. With her miraculous recovery, and Elliott continuing to do well in maintenance, we have really tried to enjoy the last little bit of summer.

But, back to Elliott Blog. Elliott is doing great. Laurel flew to Jacksonville, Florida after her birthday party to give Kyllan a few more days of rest after her surgery. We still are a little to paranoid to send Elliott out of town without us, and away from his doctors, so he stayed in Texas with us. Elliott loved every minute of it! It was like he couldn't believe he was getting so much attention. He was happy to have his playmate back when Laurel returned, but it was also a bit of a shock to have someone competing with him for mommy and daddy time.

Last week was Elliott's oncology clinic week, which also more prednisone. It is notorious for causing steroid rage. This past week Elliott was like the Hulk, you wouldn't like him when he is angry. He completed this month's dose over the weekend and he is already returning to normal.

Below is a video of my swinging with Elliott in the backyard. He thought this was just the funniest thing ever!