Day 355: Back to School!

Day 346: Elliott's first day back at school

Last week Elliott returned to school! This has been one of the big milestones we have been looking forward to in his recovery. After waiting for him to complete the first round of the maintenance phase of chemotherapy, and growing comfortable with his health around other children, it was finally time. As we approach the 1 year anniversary of his diagnosis, it is amazing to see just how far he has come.

Initially we were concerned that Elliott would be shy and timid after spending so much time isolated from other children. It has been the exact opposite. Elliott loves spending time with other kids and his first two weeks have gone great. Kyllan tells me he cried a few times when she dropped him off, but that had stopped by week two when I dropped him off. We thought he would come home tired after a long day of playing, but he is actually coming home with more energy. He has also picked up some good eating habits from his classmates. He has been eating more since he returned and seems to have gained so much needed weight. Big sister Laurel has been so excited for Elliott's return. To her, this means that Elliott is all better. We know he has a ways to go, but it feels a bit like that to us too.

Day 352: Dress Like a Knight and Princess Day at School