Day 251: Maintenance

Day 250: Elliott starts the maintenance phase of chemotherapy. Going forward he will only have to go in for an infusion once a month.

Elliott started the maintenance phase of chemotherapy this past Tuesday! He received the OK to go out in public and to interact with other kids! It feels like such a foreign concept. The last time Elliott played with a child that was not his sister was July of last year. Since then, between a few family dinners at quiet restaurants and a few errands, he has been out in public less than 10 times. It feels like he has not had the chance to be a little kid. But now that is all in the past! Birthday parties, play dates, zoo, and science museum here we come!

Elliott will be in the maintenance phase of chemo until November 2017. Though Elliott will be taking half a dozen medications throughout that time, they will not be near the level of toxicity of what he has been receiving up to this point. Even the oncology clinic visits will be down to once a month. Over the coming weeks he should begin to feel better and better. For months Kyllan and I have been listening to everyone tell us that maintenance is when parents can begin to breath a little easier. I don't know that we are there yet. I think we need a couple of weeks of seeing this phase go well. But, we have a lot to look forward to!

Our goals for the next month include seeing Elliott respond well to the new medication, continue to gain strength, and for all of us to spend some quality time as a family as we venture out of the house! Thank you to everyone that continues to hold Elliott in their thoughts and prayers. It means a great deal to the Cody family.


Day 244: Elliott helps mommy and Laurel prepare dinner. (His sister demanded chicken, french fries, and lemonade.)

Day 236: Elliott had a few slow days at the end of delayed intensification phase of chemo, but he has had a string of good days since.