Day 201: Hospitalization #5

We didn't realize that it had been so long since our last post. At the end of January we had a family medical emergency involving someone other than Elliott. Fortunately our family is now doing well and it appears that our biggest concern is the disruption it caused to everyone's schedule.  We are just now getting caught up .

Day 201: Elliott grabs a bite to eat with mommy in the hospital room. (The bandage is holding the needle in his port in place so he can receive fluids and antibiotics while in the hospital. This is usually covered by his shirt.)

Elliott is almost done with the first half of delayed intensification. The first two weeks went great. He was active, playful, and full of smiles. This past week, however, he began slowing down. By Thursday it was clear he was feeling crummy. This weekend he didn't want to move or play at all. He was whiny and wanted to be held all weekend. Again, Elliott was a kid who never use to cry. Even now, with all the things that are happening to him, when he whines and whimpers it is a clear indication that something is very wrong. Sunday night he had a slight fever. By the time of his oncology appointment Monday morning the fever was high enough that he was admitted to the hospital.  He is already looking much better, but it looks like we will be spending at least two nights here.

Other than the hospitalization, Elliott has lost a little weight this round. We were a little surprised by this, as he is on a medication that causes increased appetite and he has been eating everything in sight for the past two weeks.  Also, his hair is beginning to fall out again. It grew back blond and brown the first time. It will be interesting if it continues to do so as it starts to grow back for the second time.

Next Monday is the end of first half of delayed intensification. We will have to see if his absolute neutrophil count (ANC) is high enough before he can proceed to the last 30 days.  We are looking forward to getting through this phase and beginning maintenance phase.