Day 41: Ups & Downs

Day 39: Climbing the stairs

Elliott continues to gain more and more strength each day. He is smiling and laughing a lot more, and we are seeing much more of his old personality. He has begun to crawl around for several dozen feet at a time. On day 39 he even started trying to climb the stairs in our house again, which was one of his favorite activities before he was diagnosed. There has been more talk about physical therapy to address his muscle loss and reluctance to put weight on his legs, so hopefully he will continue to get more and more mobile.

His new found energy has also meant more play time! Playtime with the kids is something that is so easy to take for granted until it is gone. It has been great to watch Laurel and Kyllan play Elliott this past week, and to get down on the floor with him myself.

Of course with the new phase of his chemotherapy having started this week we are concerned that this new found energy will slowly fade away. Treatment on Tuesday, the eight hour session, was the only day that went smoothly. When we went in Wednesday he spiked a fever which caused the physician to cancel his chemo and and infuse antibiotics instead. Thursday there was concerned about his medi-port and Kyllan spent several hours with him while that was being checked out. Both days caused us a great deal of stress, but everything turned out well in the end. We are still waiting to see if Elliott develops any nausea, the most likely side-effect of the medicine he is now taking. So far so good.

Day 39: Playtime with daddy

Day 39: More playtime

Day 38: Outside with mommy and Laurel