Day 14 of Treatment: Swing Set

The new playset for the backyard

Elliott has been a little lethargic the past two days. He is not crawling around very much. He isn't pulling books off of shelves or digging through his sisters desk, previously two of his favorite activities. He hasn't even tried to climb up a flight of stairs. I am a little down that he is not acting like himself.

Laurel has fun, while Elliott takes in his surroundings

Friday will be his first dose of chemo since we left the hospital. This will be done as an outpatient procedure and should last ~30 minutes. While there I'll be sure to ask about his energy level. Kyllan and I also plan to ask about his weight and appetite. Prednisone is supposed to increase appetite and cause weight gain. It is also infamous for generating road-rage like outburst. Elliott has lost interest in a lot of his favorite foods. Aside from a few spurts here and there, his appetite does not appear to have increased. In fact, he appears to have lost some weight. Also, no outburst here, just frequent napping. I am sure this is all just part of the induction phase, but with Elliott being too young to talk, I get worried that he is trying to communicate things to us that we just aren't picking up on. He doesn't grimace or look sad, so we are not very concerned that he is in pain, but he hasn't looked very happy either.

The big news of the day is that we added a playset to the back yard! This was a gift from my mother. She offered to get one for the kids several times before, but we always declined for various reasons. Elliott is not supposed to go to public parks, but can play on personal playground equipment, so Kyllan and I decided that this was as good of time as any. Laurel was very excited and spent at least an hour playing on it Thursday evening. Elliott did not seem all that interested, but like I discussed earlier, he hasn't been very interested in much of anything the past few days. I think when his energy level picks up he will love it just as much as his sister.  Now I just have to talk Kyllan into letting me put him on the slide!

He'll be excited later...