Day 31: Remission!

Day 31: Remission!!

It's official.  We got the results of the bone marrow analysis and Elliott is in remission!!  This is great news and means that he responded well to the first phase of chemo and there were no detectable levels of leukemia in the sample taken, which is the goal of the induction phase. 

We were thrilled to hear this news today, especially after the fever and hospitalization this weekend.  Elliott was at home by midday and when Laurel and I got home, we enjoyed an impromptu "remission party" that William set up.  Elliott loves balloons, so he was smiling and giggling all evening.  It was nice to see him happy and in a good mood. 

Now that he is in remission.  The goal is to continue treatment so the leukemia does not return.  He will start the consolidation phase next week and it's sounds like it's going to be quite intense.  We will get more info later this week, but I pray he will tolerate the next round as well as the first. 

Day 31: Elliott: 1; Cancer: 0