Day 7 of Treatment: Music Therapy Rocks!

Treatment Day 7: Mommy and Elliott

Day 7, Thursday, was pretty laid back, which was nice because Friday, Day 8, is a critical day.  Not only will Elliott have 2 IV chemo drugs, he will also have a lumbar puncture (while sedated) with a 3rd chemo drug and a bone marrow analysis to see how well the treatment thus far is working, so it will be a long day of treatment for Elliott.  This morning, Elliott was in good spirits and was smiling quite a bit.  He then spent most of the afternoon napping. 

Day 7: Naptime Music Therapy

Just as he was going down for a nap, a singing duo came by the room and ask if they could sing a song for him.  The Cody family loves music, including Elliott, so we agreed.  They sang such a melodious and beautiful song.  It was so calming, Elliott actually fell asleep while they were singing.  Music therapy rocks! (no pun intended). 

Elliott also had a visit from one of his former teachers from the infant room at daycare.  He was in the infant room until about a month ago, so they developed a special bond. 

William and I swapped out again, meaning he is on hospital duty tonight and I am at home with Laurel, so he brought Laurel to the hospital to say hi to Elliott.  He continues to light up every time she comes in the room.  He gives her these great big smiles and keeps smiling for quite a while.  I am glad he loves his sister and she makes him smile.  

So we are praying for a smooth and uneventful Day 8 and confirmation that the treatment is working. 

More tomorrow, which ironically is superhero day at Laurel's school.  I assume you can guess who my favorite superhero is :-)