Day 4 of Treatment

Day 4

Day 4 of treatment was another good day for Elliott.  Even more progress!  We were originally scheduled for a dose of chemo today (PEG-Aspariginase), but it has been postponed to Day 5.  Elliott had another great night of sleeping.  He has found it quite fascinating to pull and tug on his telemetry leads, so we moved those to his back instead and put a shirt on him to keep him from messing with the tape for his central line.  That made the night much easier.  He was a bit lethargic this morning.  The child life specialist brought him a playmat and some toys, but he was not quite interested.  He spent most of the morning quiet and content, but spent a good amount of time in the afternoon out of the bed and playing quietly on the mat.  He has a SERIOUS case of bed head, but who cares.  He did a great job eating three full meals today along with snacks and liquids, so he is getting used to that again.  The oncologist was pleased with his progress and his numbers continue to go in the right direction, so we hope this progress will continue.

William is staying at the hospital tonight while I came home to spend some time with Laurel and get her back on a more normal routine.  She has been staying at my parents house since Thursday, which is fine because she enjoys it and she gets things like cake and candy :-).. yeah... all those things I didn't get as a child.  I certainly don't want her to feel forgotten though, so I am going to take her to meet the child life specialist tomorrow afternoon, so  she can try to gain a better understanding of what is going on with Elliott. 

William is spending the night with Elliott tonight and I am home to sleep in my own bed for the first time since Wednesday.  Being in the house without Elliott is way more difficult than I thought.  Our home is always a time of hustle and bustle and loud kids, and it's just so quiet.  I had to find things to keep myself busy to not think about the fact Elliott was not here.  I look at the floor and it is not scattered with toys and Elliott scooting or crawling around the room to find me.  I really look forward to bringing him home soon.  I know we are in for difficult days ahead, but with all of the love, support and prayers we have, we will be just fine.

We had many encouraging phone calls, and visits today, but I will save those for a later post.