Day 153: Merry Christmas!

We are home for Christmas!

Elliott completed his fourth high dose methotrexate treatment this past week and returned home Sunday. He has been very tired, but is doing well. 

This was Elliott's last treatment for this phase of chemotherapy, interim maintenance . We will start the next phase, delayed intensification, this January. We will likely have 2 weeks off so that Elliott's cell counts can recover before we begin. We have repeatedly heard that interim maintenance is the most difficult phase of treatment for leukemia patients. I've been so focused on the phase that we just completed that I never bothered to find out why. I think I will save looking over that information until after Christmas.

Below is a video of Elliott once he discovered that he could use his IV pole to steady himself and walk around the hospital room. He is gaining strength everyday. With the two week break from chemo we may see him take some steps soon!