Day 87: Not So Good Week

Day 82: Only one treatment last week, but it was a long one

Though he only had one chemotherapy treatment, this past week was a little rough for Elliott. It usually takes a few days for the chemo to finally catch up to him. This time, however, the previous two weeks of 4 chemo treatments each all seem to have hit him all at once. He has been cranky and irritable all week. Elliott has never been much of a crier, but recently he has been having hysterical fits and we have had no way of knowing what is wrong or how to help him. He wanted to be held all the time last week and would not let us put him down, even when he was asleep. The entire week Kyllan and I traded off and stayed up with him throughout the night. (Kyllan probably took a few more turns than me.) Saturday he finally let us put him in his crib, but I think that was just because he was exhausted. He had a much better Sunday and we are hoping that he is in better spirits come Monday morning.

That isn't to say there haven't been any smiles this past week. All this baby holding in the middle of the night, while everyone else was asleep, made for some good bonding time. Actually, Elliott disliked being held before his diagnosis. Laurel was big on cuddling, and still is, so Kyllan was little down about the fact that Elliott would never cuddle with her. An exhausted Kyllan was beaming ear to ear all week with Elliott laying on her.

Just one treatment this week.

Day 86: Elliott helps me grade exams. I am holding him because he would scream hysterically whenever I would put him down. The jury is still out on him being right or left handed.

Day 77: Getting ready for his transfusion